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Are you a passionate acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner with a deep desire to help people recover from illness and injury using traditional medicine? If you are, then this could be your dream job! 

Are you looking for a fun and supportive work environment? 

Do you have excellent interpersonal skills and a keen interest in learning and growing as a professional?  

Are you looking to join a team of highly experienced and motivated Chinese medicine practitioners that can help you become the best practitioner you can be? 

If you are, then you just might be the person we are looking for! 

We are the largest Chinese medicine centre in Geelong, Victoria, offering a full suite of Chinese medicine services to a large and diverse clientele. 

Our mission is to provide the people of Geelong with the highest quality Chinese medicine health care services available in Australia. Our goal is to help people understand how they can use acupuncture and Chinese medicine to improve their health, sense of wellbeing and their quality of life, now and into the future. 

We have been around for nearly 25 years and are growing faster than ever. As such, we need new acupuncture-herbalists to join our team now!  


Applications close 19th February 2019


You are polite, well presented and respectful. 

You are inclusive and able to work with a diverse clientele. 

You have well developed emotional intelligence and excellent interpersonal skills. 

You are accountable for your actions and are solution orientated.  

You are process driven and enjoy working within well-defined systems. 

You are highly resilient and adaptable. 

You actively seek opportunities to excel as a professional and understand the importance of continued professional development. 

You like to regularly review your own performance, looking for areas that need improvement. 

You understand the value of coaching/mentorship and respond well to constructive criticism. 

You are a fast and willing learner who thrives on feedback. 

You love to educate your clientele about Chinese medicine and help them to understand how to properly engage with this medicine, so that they can maximise recovery and maintain good health, now and into the future. 

You work well in teams AND you work well independently. 

You have high expectations about your professional performance and constantly seek ways to improve yourself, both as a professional and a person. 

You are highly ethical. 

You are energetic and fun to be around 

You can multitask and are able to work effectively in a busy, fast paced clinical environment. 

You are passionate about the Chinese medicine profession and excited about your role in its future. 

You are committed to becoming the best Chinese medicine practitioner you can be. 

And you are highly motivated to help as many people as you can to improve their quality of life using the time-honoured principles and traditions of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. This role will start out as a casual position with the opportunity to grow into a full-time position for the right applicant. It will involve regular liaison with both the office manager and clinical manager to ensure key performance indicator and key performance actions are being met. You will also be required to work closely with other key members of our team.  


Applications close 19th February 2019


The successful applicant can expect the following: 

World class Chinese medicine mentorship and clinical support.

Employees at AAC have access to a number of special training opportunities, including; 

regular workshops, face-to-face mentoring, and access to AAC Education (AAC Ed is an online school, using the same learning management systems as some of the largest universities in the world. The differences between our school and the the typical university is that AAC Ed focuses entirely on clinically relevant issues- it is ‘CM education in the real world’); 

State of the art practice facilities; 

Leading clinical and patient management systems; Exposure to a wide variety of clinical approaches in the management of illness and injury; 

A supportive and friendly team environment dedicated to helping you achieve your professional goals; 

Structured induction/training into the culture of AAC; 

Opportunity to progress within the organisation.  


Open and close the clinic at start and end of your shift; 

Manage and conduct initial and follow-up Chinese medicine consultations; 

Develop and manage integrated treatment plans for your patients; 

Liaise with outside health professionals; 

Perform and provide a wide variety of Chinese medicine interventions including, acupuncture/moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, Tuina/therapeutic massage, diet and lifestyle advice;

  Write and fill Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions;

  Maintain the herbal medicine dispensary, including stock take and ordering of herbs; 

Follow up and management patients; 

Develop and deliver a range of educational material, designed to improve and enhance your client’s understanding of and engagement with Chinese medicine; 

Liaise with other staff members and participate in regular meetings with the office and clinical managers in order to ensure clinic standards are being met; 

Manage appointment books and telephone enquiries; 

Participate in regular in-house training and PD opportunities.

  Please note: this is not a complete job description; a full and detailed description will be provided to applicants that progress from our telephone interview to our face-to-face meeting.  


1. APHRA registered in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine prescription and dispensing

2. A member of an appropriate professional organisation

3. CPR certified 

4. Actively engaged in Continued Professional Development 

5. Hold current public liability and indemnity insurance


Applications close 19th February 2019


We are one of Victoria’s largest and most experienced Chinese medicine centres. 

We are located in Manifold Heights, Geelong and have nearly 25 years experience helping people recover from illness and injury using Chinese medicine. 

We are a high-volume centre with 7 fully operational treatment rooms and refined clinical and patient management systems that allow us to deliver high quality treatment to a number of clients at one time. 

We have a fully stocked Chinese herbal medicine dispensary, allowing us to prescribe and deliver a wide range of herbal formulas.  

We have a number of front office and support staff to help you manage your client load. 

We have specialist acupuncturists, herbalists, massage therapists and beauty therapists on board offering a unique range of natural health and beauty services.  

We also offer a range of continued professional education opportunities for staff and the local Chinese medicine community.  


We are a specialist Chinese medicine centre offering a full suite of Chinese medicine services including acupuncture/moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, Tuina/therapeutic massage, and diet and lifestyle advice. We also offer a suite of natural beauty therapy services. We are a high-volume clinic with a focus on providing our clientele individualised treatment plans in a peaceful and relaxing environment. We treat a wide variety of conditions, seeing a lot of musculo-skeletal complaints, as well as gynaecological, obstetric, gastro-intestinal, pulmonary, cardio-vascular and psychological conditions. Our practice philosophy is ‘inclusive’; While we encourage specialisation, we expect our clinical staff to be well versed in a wide variety of Chinese medicine approaches and theories. Training/mentorship is provided in-house to ensure this outcome is achieved and then maintained at the highest level. We rely on a wide variety of Chinese medicine theories and practices, drawing on both ancient and modern literature to inform our clinical thinking and decision-making processes. We are dedicated to educating and informing the people of Geelong about the benefits of Chinese medicine and how they can use it to improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life, now and at each stage of their life.


Our team is in the process of expanding and currently includes specialist acupuncturists, Chinese herbal medicine practitioners, therapeutic and relaxation massage therapists, beauty therapists, a front office manager and receptionist. 

Click here to meet the 2017-18 team  


At AAC we foster an inclusive and friendly practice environment that respects traditional thought and encourages the carefully considered application of cutting-edge ideas and technologies.  

We are constantly seeking to grow and improve our clinical performance. 

We are constantly reviewing and improving both our clinical and patient management systems. 

We are supportive, and enthusiastic about using acupuncture and Chinese medicine to help people improve their health and wellbeing, now and at each stage of their life.  

We value a balanced world view and seek the middle path in all things. If you like what you read and want to be a part of one of the most progressive and exciting Chinese medicine organisations in Australia, then click on the link below and follow the application instructions.  

Applications close 19th February 2019